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Do you have a conviction?

We help you understand how the changes in the
Rehabilitation of Offenders Act affects you

Do you have a criminal conviction and find it hard to get into employment?

Do you send a lot of applications and struggle to get interviews with your conviction?

Do you know that you might not need to disclose all of your convictions?


Helping you understand how the changes in the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act affects you:

  • You might not need to disclose all of your convictions

  • Learn when your convictions are going to be spent

  • Find out if your convictions are already spent


We can offer you a free 45 minutes consultation offering:


Personal and confidential advice around your criminal convictions.


Help you to calculate the rehabilitation period attached to your convictions.


Help you understand which convictions are spent or unspent under the Offenders act.


Find out the next steps to get you back into work.

My Options offers help, advice and
support to offenders:

  • Who needs to know about your convictions

  • Introduction to Rehabilitation of Offenders Act

  • Explaining law around disclosure and the difference
    between spent and unspent


  • Calculating rehabilitation periods

  • Understanding when disclosure is necessary and
    when it is not


  • Producing a basic disclosure letter

Call us to book an appointment now on 020 8253 1266,
07580 470 000 or email


Feedback from past disclosure workshops



"One of the best workships I have ever been on, the trainer knew his stuff."

Croydon Jcp Customer


"The information I recieved today was so useful" Thornton Health Jcp Customer


The info on spent convictions was really useful." Sutton Jcp Customer







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