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The National Careers Service provides free information, advice and guidance to help you make decisions on leargning, training and work opportunities.

Careers Advice

Do you want to plan your career?


Whatever stage of your careers you are at we are here to help plan your career.  It’s all about getting ideas about jobs by knowing your career options, exploring your skills and understanding your motivation, and then, of course, knowing where to look for job opportunities.


No matter what your criminal conviction, whether it is spent or unspent, we can get you on the career ladder. Most great things begin with a plan. Your career should be no different. A plan will give you something to work towards. It'll also help you make the most of the opportunities that come your way.


Career planning helps realise your ambitions — what you would like to do in your working life. A plan helps you focus on what you should do when thinking about a new career. It also helps if you would like to progress in the career you are in.


Planning needs time and careful consideration. You need to think about:

• what you can do already

• what you would like to do next

• what else you need to learn


Contact us to book a free 45 minutes 1 to 1 consultation…….


We can help you with:

• choosing a career or a change career

• Skills tests, course search, job search advice

• Personalised help from careers advisers


We offer confidential and impartial advice from qualified careers advisers who are ready and waiting to hear from you. 


Develop your skills, strengths and find the right job or career to suit you


We can help you in many areas:


  • Finding a job - Get information on networking, recruitment agencies & offline job advertisements

  • Develop new skills and abilities - Use our Skills Health Check Tool to assess your personal and professional skills in the workplace

  • Building your CV - Discover our guide to creating a strong CV & give the best first impression possible!

  • Interview hints and tips - Learn the do's and don't s of the interview world! From difficult questions you may be asked, to how you can prepare for your big moment!

  • Course funding - Get information and advice on available funding for a variety of courses

  • Work experience - Will help you develop new skills and learn from those already in the role.

  • One-to-one help - Our advisers will help you build an action plan with training workshops and one-to-one sessions



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Tel: 020 8253 1266

Phone: 07580 470 000




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