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About us

We understand what it’s like to try to get a job when you have convictions that can get in the way

At ‘My Options’ we pride ourselves in providing  a dedicated and professional service, helping people with criminal convictions, to overcome the barriers that can often get in the way of finding that all important job. Our team is made up of professionals that have worked in various roles across the sector, helping people with convictions to find and to keep jobs.
We have people with convictions working on our team, ensuring that you will receive the very best in authentic no nonsense support.

We understand what it’s like to try to get a job when you have convictions that can get in the way, because we’ve been there ourselves. We found ways to overcome those same barriers that you might be facing and not knowing how to get around or over them. Now you can stop wondering. Come to us and we will help you.


We have an in-house team which collectively has over 122 years’ experience in this sector, meaning that our credibility and effectiveness of impact are unparalleled. We get the right jobs for the right people.

We know that employment is what you’re looking for and we know how much it means to you to get that job. If you want to develop your interview and employment skills or improve your confidence in workplace situations, come to us. If you want to learn when and how to disclose your convictions with an employer, we will show you when you need to and how you can best go about that disclosure. If you want to learn new ways to think about things in your life and support in making choices, we can help there too.



We work with a wide range of employers that will not discriminate against you based on your conviction. This means that we have access to a wide range of employment and training opportunities for you to get involved in.


Amit Suji - Director

Proven Success


We have a proven track record of 70% of people supported by us getting sustained employment. 70% do not go on to commit crime. 95% report to us that they experience an improvement in self-esteem and have an increased ability to take responsibility in their lives.



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